` Today in tech !


 ` Today in tech I played the robot game and added other people faces to the robot .

Play with ya FACE game Reflection !

` what I did in tech today is played the Ya Face Game. The steps it took me to embed my face to the game is turn the camera on, take the picture, re-size the picture, add the picture to the sprite all six times. imageimage

` Piano names game !

` What I did today in tech class was made my own virgin of someone else game.

The steps I took in incorporating my name into the game was 1 Change the background, 2 clicked on edit, 3 but the letter of my name , 4 change the color of the letter , and lastly added it back to the actual background.

Present Day :]

Today I presented and I was kind of nervious, but I got through it .

I had confindence in my self. I recconmend everyone who is present tommorow

to be ready, and you have to speak loudly. Also I think people who presented today

did a preety good job but somimageimagee was , really scared, and some was speaking softly .

Today in Tech class :]

what I did In tech class today is tryed to find out things people would like to do in my city paris!

It was hard trying to find out what people would be most intrested in if you really dident know what they like.

Another thing we had to do is gather information to see what my teacher like to do when she go to our destination vacvtion.

If I was to help people travel the first thing I would have to find out is what they like to do because they would not want to go there if theres nothing for them to do.

Bri Tech day :]

imageimageimageimage Today in Tech class I learned how to use Google maps  and see how long it will take me to get to some of my destinations while im travling.

As you can see above are two pictures of how long it will take from my hotel Best Western Elysees Paris Monceau, 8 Rue de Constantinople, 75008 Paris, France to get to the  Air port , Paris, France when im leaving.

I also learned how long it will take in different ways of transportation such as walking biking,driving,train & bus. it will tell you miles,hours& minutes. :)

Also I would go eat at the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris, France it will take my 1.7m  10mins to get there from the hotel im staying at Best Western Elysees Paris Monceau, 8 Rue de Constantinople, 75008 Paris, France.

Commonly used phrases in french:]

imageToday In Tech class I learned how to translate English Into French :]

The steps I took today In class to translate English Into french is

Step 1 go on google.com

step2 type in translate english into french

Step3 type in what i want to translate

step4 I also had to copy it and paste it to my colums I set up !

Today In Tech Class

What I did in Tech Class Today was Finish finding price

of my vactation destination. The steps that took me to do that

is using google

Day 2 of vacation budget

What I did today In class was day2 of my vacation budget

& I also was able to attach the link . I had to include the price of all

the things I would do while on vaction. In my vactaion budget I

put the prices of my trasportation, hotels,food,& last but not least the actives I

would do such imageas jet skiing. The place I would be traveling to is Paris/France.

Time Zones

imageToday in tech class ,I learned how to research what time it is in my destination city.

Here are some facts:image

The difference in Paris France is 6 hour ahead of Newark ,NJ.

What I also learned in tech class is how to find the weather in my destination city.

If I was to pack a suit case to wear clothes to my destination city today, I’d pack…

I would pack some warm clothes today in my destination city .imageI would pack some hollister Boot cut jeans .

imageI also would pack a Holiister jean jacket Just in case it gets cold.

ButteUggs Boots will also be helpful because I know that its going to be 59 f  and I dont like when my feet is cold .

imageSience I know i will be there for a while I wouls also pack True Religon jeans.

imageA hoodie will keep me warm that will go undeneath my Jean jacket .

These are all the things i would wear to paris today Because it would be cold .